MM 18116 ZAP-IT ! - Mosquito Biting painer - Random Colour - clinically Tested - no Batteries Multicoloured, S Zap-It!

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Product Description

  • Instant relief from mosquito bites
  • Super easy to use
  • Stops itching and reduces swelling
  • Always on the go, as light and compact
  • Painless and chemically free solution

Product Description

With the Zap-it mosquito repeller you will experience immediate relief from mosquito bites. The super easy application takes place directly at the puncture point by giving off one or more small surges with a click. These are pain-free and completely harmless, but they stop itching after a short time so that they are prevented from scratching. The swelling of the skin is reduced and the inflammation can calm down. The lightweight and compact mosquito repeller Zap-it can be worn with you during the mosquito time and so quickly and purposefully provide relief when you get pinned. Other quality features: fast, effective and safe relief. No annoying itching in mosquito bites. Reduces swelling and soothes inflammation. Works after a few minutes. Also can be used through clothing treatment of up to 1000 mosquito bites. Clinically tested. No toxic chemicals. Includes hand strap and instructions (English language not guaranteed).

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